Property Damage Attorney

Property damage claims involve damage to your property rather than your person. Property damage can include physical injuries, as in a car accident, but the primary damage claim is to your personal property. Whether or not a property damage attorney should get involved depends on the type of property damage you suffered. If you suffered a loss of property caused by the negligence, willful behavior, or carelessness of someone else, you may be entitled to compensation for your loss, whether or not it occurred in conjunction with a personal injury.

Types of Property Damage

Property owners like business and homeowners typically seek assistance for property damage cases involving:

      • Wind and Hail 
      • Water Damage and Freezing 
      • Fire and Smoke Damage 
      • Construction Defects

Homeowner and business owner insurance policies are complex documents but generally cover damages caused by events like fire, flood, and theft. Homeowner’s insurance may cover a natural disaster and other storm damage. Auto insurance will often have some collision coverage and cover property damages due to an accident. A property damage lawyer can give an assessment of your insurance coverage policy and your insurance company’s settlement offer.

In your insurance claim, you have to prove your damages (the value of your property). It’s important to gather as much evidence as possible because an insurance adjuster will work aggressively to pay as little money as possible on an insurance claim. Therefore, you will need a seasoned attorney with extensive experience who knows how to gather the evidence and calculate your damages according to the law. 

Document Damaged Property

There are several steps you should take to catalog damage to your property:

      • Make a List of Your Valuables: Write down a list of your most valuable possessions that were damaged.
      • Take Pictures: Document the damage that occurred. It’s best to include timestamps with your photos.
      • Document Replacement Value: This helps determine what fair compensation would look like.
      • Contact The Steele Law Firm: If you’re not sure how to proceed, our experienced attorney can guide you through the legal action process.

What is Insurance Bad Faith 

Unfortunately, insurance companies will often challenge or deny your claim or try to pay you as little as possible. Bad faith insurance refers to tactics used by insurance companies to avoid their contractual obligations to policyholders. Bad faith insurance claims allow a policyholder to recover the money they should have received had the insurance company acted in good faith. Claim valuation can be complicated. Get the legal advice you need to navigate this situation and receive a reasonable settlement.

We Understand Your Policy 

The Steele Law Firm knows insurance coverage law. Nathan Steele spent years as an attorney in the insurance industry and is well-versed in property damage claims. Licensed to practice in both Oregon and Washington State, our property damage lawyer is prepared to stand by you and protect your rights. Contact our law firm today for a free consultation.