Burn Injury Attorney

Our burn injury lawyer understands the difficulties that arise after a burn accident. In many cases you’ll need immediate medical attention and a burn injury victim may face steep medical expenses from serious injury and emotional distress. We will fight for fair compensation on your behalf and deal with the insurance company directly while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

How We Handle Burn Injury Claim

A Steele Law Firm burn injury lawyer will give your case thorough investigation. We will assess emotional trauma, permanent damage, medical bills, and painful injuries to determine the financial compensation and punitive damages you should receive.

  • Gather evidence, including fire department reports, police records, and photographs of the scene of the accident
  • Review medical records and reports
  • Work with medical professionals to evaluate the extent of your injuries and the costs of any future medical procedures or physical therapy services
  • Establish the cause of the accident and determine who may be held liable

Personal Injury Settlement

If you sustained burn injuries, the type of settlement or award for damages you may receive will depend on the severity of pain and scarring you have experienced. Severe burn injury and permanent scars cases will be awarded greater damages. It will also depend on how preventable the burn was by the responsible party and how the burn happened. Product liability, negligence, and workers compensation are examples of some of the types of lawsuits that may be filed on behalf of a burn victim. You may need reparative or plastic surgery. If you have endured disfigurement, you may receive additional awards for emotional pain and suffering. 


Our personal injury lawyer will work to provide you with the maximum compensation for your losses. The following types of damages may be available to you.

  • Non-economic damages: These are intended to compensate you for the emotional trauma caused by a serious burn injury.
  • Economic damages: This includes medical expenses, future medical costs and rehabilitation needs.
  • Punitive damages: These often punish for reckless behavior.

Types of Burn Injury Lawsuits

There are many types of cases that a burn injury attorney can help protect you in.

  • Car accident
  • Spills from dangerous chemicals
  • Electrical fires
  • Burns from defective products
  • Wrongful death
  • Construction accidents
  • Defective fire alarms or smoke detectors
  • Electrical accidents

What to Do

You will need an attorney who is familiar with the law as it pertains to burn injuries. You need a lawyer who has the experience to investigate a burn injury case, and calculate current and future losses, future medical treatment, reconstructive surgeries, and rehabilitation. You will need a personal injury lawyer who has the knowledge of how to maneuver through medical and insurance industry red tape and provide winning results. Licensed to practice in both Oregon and Washington, Nathan Steele is prepared to stand by you and protect your rights. Contact our law firm today for legal advice and a free consultation.