Birth Injury Attorney

If your child has sustained birth injuries, such as Cerebral Palsy or Erbs Palsy, or birth defects caused by negligence or improper medical care, there may be one or more people or agencies who are responsible (doctors, medical technicians, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies, for example). Depending on the outcome of a lawsuit, damages are generally awarded to the child, sometimes as part of a trust, while the parent or parents may be awarded compensation for emotional distress.

You will need a seasoned attorney who is armed with the knowledge of Oregon and Washington law as it pertains to birth defects and birth injury, as well as the ability to calculate future long term medical care and rehabilitation, and the knowledge to navigate medical and insurance systems. You will need a personal injury lawyer who can provide winning results. Licensed to practice in both Oregon and Washington, Nathan Steele is prepared to stand by you and protect your rights. Consultation is free. Contact The Steele Law Firm today!