When you have suffered an injury caused by another person’s negligence, you may think you do not need a lawyer. This may be especially true for those who are involved in a car accident. The fact is, regardless of what type of personal injury you suffered, a personal injury law firm in Central Oregon should be your first call after having your injuries evaluated by a physician.

1. An Attorney Protects Your Rights Following an Injury in Bend

One of the best reasons to contact a personal injury lawyer is to protect your individual rights. Most people are unfamiliar with personal injury statutes in Oregon, and they may inadvertently say or do something which can impact their rights as a victim. By working with an attorney immediately following an accident, you stand a better chance of getting the best possible results from an accident injury claim.

2. Lawyers Provide Help Navigating a Complicated Claims Process

One of the requirements of filing a personal injury claim is proving liability. This may seem simple, especially if you are involved in a car accident which was not your fault. But it is not always clear who is at fault in a car accident. Make no mistake about it, insurance company adjusters are not there to help you. They work for insurance companies and those companies are determined to pay as little out in settlements as possible.

When you are working with a personal injury lawyer in Bend, they have experience working with insurance companies. They know the tactics which the company will likely engage in to minimize your claim. Additionally, you need time to recover from your injuries. The additional stress and strain associated with dealing with adjusters may hinder your recovery.

3. Lawyers Understand Personal Injury Claims

Because you must establish who is at fault for an injury, it may require some investigative work to be completed. For example, if you were involved in a truck accident, the driver may not be entirely at fault. You may have a claim against the driver, their employer, or the party responsible for loading a truck.

When you suffer an injury in a shopping center, public building, or in an office building, the building owner, tenant of the building, or maintenance company may be partly responsible.

In these cases, where there are multiple parties involved who contributed to your injuries, it may be necessary to file multiple claims. This will also mean each of the insurance companies will be working as hard as they can to make sure they pay as little as possible for your claim.

4. Attorneys Have Relationships with Investigators

The more complicated the accident which caused your injury, the more likely it will require investigation. This means you want someone who has an existing relationship with experts who can help determine how the accident occurred, who was at fault, and demonstrate how your injuries occurred.

This is important because there is always a chance an insurer will state the injuries you sustained could not have occurred in the type of accident that resulted in your injuries. Keep in mind, an investigator can also help dispel the issue of whether you were partially responsible, which may be necessary under Oregon’s comparative negligence rules.

5. Lawyers Can Look at Your Situation Objectively

One of the problems victims of personal injury face is they often lack objectivity. There are a range of emotions you may experience following an injury, including anger. While this is a perfectly normal reaction, it will not get you far when you are working with insurance adjusters, the responsible party, or anyone else.

Having a personal injury law firm in Central Oregon representing your interests means they are working for you and saving you the stress and strain associated with working with adjusters and obtaining information from the responsible parties.

6. Attorneys Work on Contingency Fees

One of the challenges victims of personal injury face is the financial impact of their injuries. Victims are often forced to remain out of work for weeks or months depending on the severity of their injuries. They are rightfully concerned about the financial toll their injuries are taking on their family.

Fortunately, when you hire a personal injury lawyer in Bend you will not have to pay their fees up front. In fact, when you work with an attorney, you will typically be working with them on a contingency fee basis. What this means is that until you get the settlement you deserve for your injuries, you will not be paying legal fees.

Remember, there may be other fees, including document preparation fees, filing fees, and mailing costs which are not part of the overall legal charges. Your personal injury lawyer will explain these fees to you during your free consultation.

7. Lawyers Can Take Cases to Court if Necessary

One of the primary reasons to work with a personal injury lawyer is they can take your case to court and serve as your advocate. Having an attorney who is working on your case from beginning to end means if insurance adjusters refuse to offer a reasonable settlement your case will be ready to go to court without having to bring an attorney up to date on what has occurred previously.

It is important to remember that most cases involving personal injury never make it to court. Instead, settlement offers are made soon after an accident, or when your lawyer files a personal injury lawsuit. In some cases, insurance companies offer a more reasonable settlement once the jury trial starts, saving time, and money.

Hire a Personal Injury Law Firm in Central Oregon

When you are injured because of a negligent act of another driver, medical practitioner, or you have suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident, having the right personal injury lawyer matters. You should be working with an attorney who is willing to serve as your advocate, pursue the best possible settlement for your injuries, and someone who will fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve.

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