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If you do not hire a lawyer that knows how the insurance companies operate or how they think, opportunities will be missed and you will not get the result that you deserve. Call 541-647-1812 and talk to Nathan G. Steele, the lawyer the insurance companies called for years to handle their cases.

Why is it important to have a lawyer who has worked for the insurance companies?

Almost immediately after you have been involved in an accident you are confronted with many serious questions and decisions that cause both stress and uncertainty. While you are still in pain or just suffered a great loss, the insurance companies converge on you. You are asked questions and presented with paperwork that you do not fully understand. They use unfamiliar terms like “Policy Limits”, “Personal Injury Protection Benefits”, “Duty to Cooperate”, “Under-insured Motorist Coverage”, or “Independent Medical Exam.” They will ask you to execute a release that will allow them to gain access to all your medical records, including, medical records totally unrelated to the accident. They will ask to record your statements over the phone and later use those statements against you. They will ask you to sign a document that will forever release your claims against the person who injured you. Before you know it, the insurance companies are making decisions for you that can seriously affect your legal rights.

Every year insurance companies handle millions of claims and know exactly what they are doing. They spend billions of dollars refining their insurance policies and training their adjusters to handle claims. Insurance adjusters are trained to use specific techniques and methods to handle claims. Because these techniques and methods are kept confidential, very few people, including most personal injury attorneys, do not understand how insurance companies operate. The only attorneys who truly know how insurance companies think and operate are those who have worked for and within the insurance industry. These few attorneys are best suited to protect your rights and ensure that you get the best result possible.